brown guitar with name Lisa Sullivan. Live Acoustic Music

Rediscovering The Love For Music!

Music Stylings

Lisa Sullivan is a versatile artist. Covering songs from various genres, including classic rock, pop, country, blues, and even some Spanish ballads, she truly offers a diverse musical experience. Her favorites, such as Janis Joplin, Alanis Morissette, Lainey Wilson, and Fleetwood Mac, showcase her appreciation for powerful voices and soulful performances. The guitar styles provide variety and beautiful tones to the experience.

The Music Journey

Lisa Sullivan began her music journey at the age of 7, her passion for the guitar was ignited by her father’s influence. Throughout her primary education, she eagerly participated in various musical opportunities, from school bands to jazz ensembles and even garage bands. High school saw her performing at talent shows and parties, always on the lookout for a full band experience.

At 20 years old, Lisa’s path intersected with local musicians Tony Ortega and David Perez, leading to a remarkable 7-year run of performances across South Texas. Her powerful voice and guitar skills resonated with audiences in diverse locations and occasions. However, life took a turn as she stepped away to raise her daughters.

But music has a way of calling us back, and Lisa found herself drawn into the scene once again by an old friend. Now, she can be seen around Corpus Christi with her soulful performances, expressing her unwavering love for music.